Water Worm FAQs

Self-Watering System for House Plants

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1) How long are Water Worms? Do I need Extra Long Water Worms? Water Worms are 22 inches, long enough to handle a wide variety of plant and water container sizes. Water Worms have to be long enough to reach from the bottom of the water container to the roots of the plant. If your plant is very large and planted in a large or tall planter (more than 12" high and/or more than 12" wide), you probably need Extra Long Water Worm, which is 36 inches long. Extra Long Water Worms are listed on the Order Form below regular length Water Worms.

2) How long can I leave my plants unattended using Water Worm? You can leave plants 3-4 weeks or even longer, as long as the water supply container is large enough to last. We find that gallon plastic milk containers or bottled water jugs work well.

PLEASE NOTE: For very large plants or trees, especially under hot and dry conditions, even Extra Long Water Worms may not provide the ideal amount of, nor even adequate water. Installing additional Extra Long Water Worms in the same container would certainly help. That said, there is no doubt that even the largest plants/trees will definitely be better off with Water Worms than without them.

3) For what kind of plants can I use Water Worm? Just about any kind of plant with established roots. For example, we or our customers, have successfully used Water Worm for: African Violet, Purple Passion, Impatience, Ficus, Hibiscus, Begonia, Cactus, Miniature Orange, Rubber Tree, Philodendron.  We realize that Orchids come in a wide variety and some can be finicky, but we found that Water Worm worked on the type we tested. Water Worm works for Bonsais, but since bonsais can be very valuable, we recommend setting up Water Worm to make sure it's working properly, before leaving bonsais unattended. Water Worm works for seedlings, but may not work as well on fast growing annuals, such as tomatoes, which require large amounts of water.

4) Will I need to re-pot my plants to use Water Worm? No. Water Worm works in any type of pot. Installation, is quick and easy... shouldn't take more than a few minutes for each plant.

5) Is Water Worm reusable? Yes. Simply remove Water Worm from your plant, rinse it out, then keep it for the next time you plan to go away.

6) How does Water Worm work? Mostly by capillary action. Water Worm acts like an extension of the roots of the plant. The plant's roots draw water through Water Worm as needed. You can put fertilizer in with the water and fertilize your plants over time while you water them.  For the complete instructions, click here>

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7) How many Water Worms will I need? One for each plant that you want the ability to water automatically. For large plants with large water requirements or in especially hot and/or dry conditions, two might be needed.

8) What type of water container will I need? We suggest using a gallon plastic milk container or bottled water jug. Or use a vase for a more attractive look.

9) Can I use Water Worm for plants on my deck? While Water Worm is designed primarily for houseplants, it has been used successfully for plants in pots and containers on decks and patios. Water Worm is not recommended for plants growing in the garden.

10) How long can I leave Water Worm installed? You can leave it installed indefinitely. But after a long period of time the roots of the plant will tend to grow into the end of Water Worm. while the rest of the root system may diminish. Therefore we recommend periodically (say every month or 2), removing Water Worm, cleaning it, then reinstalling it in a different location.

11) Could Water Worm over-water my plants? In general, Water Worm will supply only the amount of water the plant needs.  However it's possible, particularly for small plants, if the level of the water in the water supply container is significantly higher than the end of Water Worm in contact with the roots of the plant, that over-watering could occur, until the level drops. Or, if you notice this happening, you can reduce the water level in the container.

12) What colors do Water Worms come in? Water Worms come in a variety of colors and patterns, which vary somewhat from shipment to shipment. We almost always have shades of greens and blues in checks and solids. Other colors may include shades of purple, pink, orange, red and yellow. We often have a variety of flower patterns. Water Worms do not come in black, gray, brown, white or "clear". We will do our best, but can't guaranty, to meet your preferences.

13) Are Water Worms guaranteed? Absolutely, if you're not satisfied, you can return them for a full refund (less postage). However, we can honestly say we have had only four Water Worm orders returned (out of thousands sold), and they were from people who didn't correctly understand what Water Worm was used for.

14) When will my order be shipped? We pride ourselves on getting orders shipped within one business day of receipt (most orders go out the day they are received, particularly those requesting Priority Mail). We confirm by e-mail when the shipment is actually on it's way.

Non-US customers: International Shipping with tracking has become quite expensive. Please email to receive a quote.

15) Can I request "overnight delivery"? Yes, we use USPS Express Mail. Please call 702-778-3789 or email vjpj@juno.com to receive a quote.

16) What about Customer Service? Customer Service is very important to us. Please use the listings below to get any help you need:

Water Worm e-mail: vjpj@juno.com or click on> Send e-mail to PolyMath Corp

Company phone number: 702 -778-3789  Please call after 7:30 AM Pacific Coast Time

Company address: Polymath Company, 2300 Airlands St., Las Vegas, NV 89134-5317

Customer Service for PayPal: 1 888 221 1161

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