Water Worm Instructions

Thoroughly soak the entire length of Water Worm(WW) Put one end of WW in a container of water. The size of the container* required depends on the size of the plant, how long you plan to be away (how long before the container will need to be refilled) and other variables, such as temperature and humidity.

Carefully dig a small hole in the soil, down to the roots, near the stem of the plant. Put the other end of WW in the hole, gently pressing it against the exposed roots to ensure good contact. Cover with soil, compact the soil then water the plant by hand. Thatís all there is to it, WW will take it from there. We do not recommend WW for seedlings that do not have well-established roots.

We suggest that you install WW at least a couple of days before leaving. This will allow you to make sure WW is functioning properly, as well as to judge the water usage. If the water level in the container falls rapidly, you may need to use a larger container.

The flow of water will be affected by how much above or below the level of the roots, the water source is placed (as well as the demands of the plant). Placing the water source at about the same level as the plant is usually best. Especially for smaller plants, if the water level is too high, itís possible the plant may get over-watered, until the water level drops. If possible, remove the plant from direct sunlight, especially if you plan to be away for more than a few days.

You may add a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the water, if you wish to fertilize the plant via WW.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the added freedom WW gives you with respect to watering your plants. When installed properly, WW should definitely provide moisture to a plant that it would not have, if left unattended without WW. However, we cannot be responsible for damage to plants that may occur while using WW. If not satisfied with WW, return it for a full refund less postage.

*A one gallon milk container should be more than adequate to supply an average sized plant for at least three weeks. A decorative vase or wine bottle may be used for a more attractive look.

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